Our Story

AQUIP was founded in October of 2018 and is the first independently female-owned vacuum truck and municipal equipment dealership in the United States. We are proud to represent the most quality brands in the industry. We are an authorized dealer of GapVax, Dulevo, Minicam Proteus, and many other brands in the Carolinas and Georgia.

Our founder

Founder and owner, Anna Johnson, began her environmental equipment career specifically working in the vacuum truck rental industry where she developed a love for (and an admitted obsession) with vacuum trucks and the industry in which they exist. Anna brings an arsenal of industry knowledge to Aquip that she credits to none other than the network of people, customers, and environment that she was fortunate enough to surround herself with.

Mission and Vision


It is AQUIP’s mission to support its customers as their business evolves by providing the perfect culmination of the most superior products, service, and education. AQUIP actively demonstrates equipment and works with customers daily to ensure education is constantly in-motion. Our concept is if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. We want to be your partner; not just your vendor.


The vision behind AQUIP started with a constant desire to empower the full potential of the customer/vendor relationship by providing the right tools and resources.

Podcast Appearances

#139 Boots on the Ground Business - with Anna Johnson

Does hearing the word sales automatically make you feel uneasy? Anna Johnson is breaking assumptions with a boots on the ground approach. Anna founded AQUIP which is the first independently female-owned vacuum truck and environmental products dealership in the United States. As a young woman in a male dominated industry Anna talks to us on how to break barriers in business. She also explains the advantage of building relationships with her clients starting at the ground level. Through the power of education, curiosity, and communication Anna explains why sales can be for anyone who cares to make an impact in their industry.

Vacuum Trucks and Startups with Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson is the founder and owner of AQUIP, "the first and only known independently female-owned vacuum truck and environmental products dealership in the United States." In the last few years, she's been burning up the interstates in the Southeast US, building her business from the ground up. Anna was kind enough to swing through Nashville and be a guest on Dirt Talk.