850 Mini

The Dulevo 850 compact street sweeper and leaf sucker has a high dump hopper that allows the operator to empty the collected trash into a standard garbage skip or dump truck. The Dulevo 850 compact street sweeper and leaf sucker complies with the most stringent exhaust gas emissions and noise regulations.

Designed to reach even the most difficult areas in cities, Easy to use even on uneven surface, Excellent sweeping capabilities and convenient unloading: specially designed for easy unloading into bins or compactors, Easy access to all main components for maintenance

More About the 850 Mini

Is the excellent option for city centers and other locations that are difficult to reach with a typical sweeper, such as pavements, stations, bike lanes, pedestrian zones, parking lots, and gardens. Dulevo 850 EU4 is intended to run smoothly, even on uneven terrain. As with all previous Dulevo sweepers, the cabin design has been carefully considered for comfort and accessibility, with ergonomic and easy controls.

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