The DULEVO D3 road sweepers have a mechanical sweeping system, a vacuum sweeping system and a real filter. The high-efficiency filter guarantees constant efficiency in all working conditions. Water saving. The water is only used to remove the dust from the brushes.

Water Saving
The water is only used to remove the dust from the brushes.
Road Sweepers for High Productivity
Brush speeds are twice as fast as most other equipment on the market and working widths are large.
Technology 4.0 and Innovations
Communication between the various components is carried out via CAN Bus technology. The hardware is also equipped with passive and active interfaces.

More About D3

D3 ensures the best possible performance in all situations while using less water and fuel. Innovative features for intuitive and personalized usage, easy to drive, and comfortable even after long hours at work. The combination of mechanical and suction sweeping, complemented by a true dust filter, ensures maximum performance and adaptability.

A comfortable, ergonomic cab that protects the driver

With its comfortable, cushioned and weight-adjustable seat and ergonomically controlled air conditioning, the operator has all the comfort he needs to get through the day. In addition, the rear safety camera, positioned at the top of the cab, allows continuous monitoring during the sweeping operation.

With noise levels below 66 dB, the operator can work in complete peace of mind. This cab protects the driver's health thanks to its photocatalytic oxidation cab disinfection system.

Waste container

The waste container is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. A hydraulically opening hatch allows for inspection. A wireless remote control also allows operators to perform operations from outside the cab.


Front Brush

The front brush is positioned by means of a hydraulic system.

External Tank and Water Circuit

The external tank is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a filling pipe

Dust Filter and Certification of the DULEVO D3 Road Sweeper

A hydromechanical system allows the filter to be cleaned (vibration + water)

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