DULEVO D6 road sweepers provide excellent performance in all operating circumstances while using less fuel. Save water. You will save money and have a smaller environmental effect if you solely use water to clean the exterior brushes.

substantial noise reduction
limits the need to utilize water.
The mechanical vacuum-assisted system guarantees cleaning quality on both condition
Four-wheel steering allows work even in narrow spaces. Less Downtime

Designed for People

A comfortable and pleasant sweeper to use even after many hours of work.

Pressurization system

The pressurization system by means of filtered air supply maintains a clean and comfortable working environment inside the cabin.

Extremely low noise level

The small size of the powerful intake turbine, plus its positioning and appropriate shielding, reduce the noise level of the vehicle to extremely low levels.

Intuitive controls

Large glass surfaces and simple, intuitive controls.


Low sound power

Less than 100 db thanks to Load Sensing.

Low fuel consumption

Electronic transmission and high sweeping speed.

Low fine dust emissions

Euro 6C engine. The engine complies with the most recent European emission regulations.

Low fine dust emissions

EN15429 certified filtration system. Possibility to mount Gore filters to increase performance.

Reduced water consumption

The mechanical suction system allows the machine to work, drastically reducing water consumption.

No sweeping limit

Possibility of collecting light, heave and even bulky material.

High filtering rate

Dust filter for constant and efficient filtering in all condition.

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