Dig Pig Nozzles are manufactured with a tightened 10-degree cone spray pattern, allowing for better control and precise digging, reducing water usage.

What is Dig Pig?

Dig Pig Products: Home of the Worlds longest lasting Hydrovac Nozzle and top-notch hydrovac accessories for enthusiasts. Quality and innovation.

Silencer Nozzle

Unleash Power that Lasts: The Dig Pig Silencer conquers any condition or climate, providing unmatched longevity.

Minimized Vibration: Bid farewell to hand discomfort and work safer with our revolutionary design aimed at reducing vibrations to the lowest levels.

Enhanced Efficiency: Achieve faster and superior results with our all-terrain, all-weather Hydrovac Nozzle.

Surpass Limits: Experience the next level of performance with technology specifically crafted for Hydrovac and Industrial Cleaning applications.

Silencer Nozzle Accessories

The different types of silencer accessories that are used for such as the refresher kit, silencer HD cover, silencer cover upgrade, cover carbide tool, silencer body cover, silencer seat, silencer o-ring kit, silencer orb, silencer spiral ring and silencer replacement filter coin.

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