DZero All-Electric

Dulevo invented the first 100% electric street sweeper. Its unique, eco-friendly technology, performance, and compact size make it ideal for cities and municipalities looking to improve the quality of life for their residents.

Electric street sweeper
Designed for the heart of the city and environment, combining remarkable sweeping capability with excellent maneuverability.
Low sound power
Noise emissions were also considerably reduced to use the night hours for street cleaning without disturbing the peace.
Dust control
A steel filter and a large water tank guarantee total dust control.

Electric motors

more advanced, higher-performance and more energy-efficient

Faster charging

AC charging on the new D.Zero2 is faster thanks to the new On-Board charger, reducing charging time.

Something New about the DZero

The vehicle retains the D.Zero's exceptional mobility, but with larger wheels and an upgraded braking system, it can now exceed 40 km/h.

The performance will astound you: owing to clever hydraulic management modes, the new D.Zero performs better while using less and making less noise.

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