GapVax MC Series

The GapVax MC Series is the industries most heavy-duty combination sewer truck. It is used for sewer cleaning, hydro excavating, and catch basin cleaning.

Rugged Hose Reel Design
12” I.D Bearing, 1 1/2” forged steel, Powered by a hydraulic winch motor, dual extended frame for hose reel mount
Simple electronics
Sensor override and 12 Volt wiring for optimal up time and easy diagnosis.
Built by the operator, For the operator
Simple controls, lower center of gravity, rugged


The industry's leading performance is about doing all of the little things right. And as anyone whose been in this business long enough will tell you, the little things make all the difference. Together with our customers, we've created the perfect machine for catch basin cleaning, hydro excavating, and sewer cleaning. And we've done it in a way that means the lowest long-term cost of ownership.

Simply Indestructible

When it comes to long-term cost of ownership, size matters. But it's not the size of the tank that matters. It's the size of the flanges, the pivot pins, the hydraulic tanks, the lift cylinders. That's the specs they never sell you on– that make the difference between "on the job" or 'in the shop".


With GapVax, you can inspect your engine without starting it. Just unpin and rotate the hose reel, lift the hood, and you're ready to inspect. It's that easy. That means more convenience and safety for your operators. And because this kind of thoughtfulness extends well beyond the hood, mechanics love working on GapVax.


Debris Tank

5 - 12 cu yd

Water Tank

500 - 2000 gallons

Blower Hg


Blower CFM



27 ft reach from center

Hose Reel

up to 800 ft of 1 in hose at 270 deg

Jetter Pump GPM

60-100 gpm

Jetter Pump PSI

2000 to 3000 psi


Less than 13ft 6in

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