GJet Series

High-performance jetter truck. This truck has several characteristics that place it at the top of its class, including a stainless steel tank and the smoothest water pump system with multi-flow and recirculation. We have included a large amount of storage and handy controls.

Optional Equipment Storage options
ladders, electronics, and more.
GapVax Hose Reel
Mounted in front or rear, rated for 800' of 1' hose
1,600 Gallon Water Tank Stainless steel
Cylinder-shaped, available in 500-3,000 gallons

Strong Foundations

Safety starts with the frame. The hose reel is mounted on dual frame rails which extends far beyond the engine to improve the strength of the reel, keep the operator away from the cab, and extend the life of the bearing. The baffles help to guard against tipping when driving with a full-load. The safety interlocks help prevent operator error. And the front-mounted location guards against traffic.


When we built the GJET, we took everything that makes our combination truck great, and applied it to a more affordable, high-performance jetter truck. This truck has loads of features that put it at the top of its class from a stainless steel tank, to the smoothest water pump system with multi-flow and recirculation. We also added a ton of storage and useful controls.


Our salesmen and dealers work with you to figure out the perfect blend of storage vs water capacity, while taking axle weights into account. Our models range from 1,000 gallons to 3,000 gallons, with most customers choosing a 1,600 gallon, single axle configuration.


50-100 gpm

Water Flow

2,000 - 3,000 psi

Water Pressure

500 - 2,500 gal

Water Capacity

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