HV Series

The GapVax HV Series is adaptable, durable, and dependable, making it perfect for industrial waste removal and environmental cleaning.

Filtration System
GapVax vacuum trucks are renowned for their highly efficient filtration, low baghouse maintenance costs, and long filter-bag service life. With proper service, a GapVax truck can normally operate 1,500 to 2,000 hours before requiring a change of filter bags.
6 Cyclone
GapVax HV Series Filtration system that allows them to get the maximum efficiency and long term dependability.
1,000 gal
The GapVax HV Series water capacity.


When we talk about the lowest long-term cost of ownership, it all starts with the filtration system. It's what makes a GapVax different than any other truck, and it's why our trucks last the longest, are the easiest to work on, and have the highest resale value on the market.


When vacuuming dry, nothing poses a bigger hazard to your equipment than carryover to the baghouse. Our cyclone filtering technology reduces 90 percent of carryover. A GapVax truck may typically operate for 1,500 to 2,000 hours before needing to change its filter bags. Superior filtration instantly reduces running costs, as filtration/blower maintenance is the single most expensive aspect of a wet/dry vacuum truck.


Debris Tank

12 - 17 cu yd

Water Tank

600 - 1200 gallons

Blower Hg


Blower CFM

4,000 - 6,000

Tube Boom

15 - 25 ft reach from center

Rubber Boom

15 - 18 ft reach from center


4 - 7

Water Pump

10-20 GPM @ 3000-4000 PSI


Less than 13 ft 6 in


8 ft 4 in

Compatible Options

Cold Weather Package, Pump Enclosure, Pressure Off, Pump-Off

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