Our nozzles use pressurized water to cut through and break up soil in a precise, non-mechanical, and non-destructive way. These premium tools are designed to last longer than competitors and provide the same impact force as nozzles with higher GPMs.


Elevate your hydro-excavation toolkit with all our heavy-duty nozzles. The Ripsaw HD, Switchblade, and Machete™ all work in unique ways to ensure every digging application has a reliable solution that saves time, money, and water.


The Reaper product line offers the fastest cutting technology in the jetting industry. It cuts, clears, and cleans to service residential, commercial, and mainline pipes.

NEW to the line is the Revolution, which is changing how the industry is clearing mainline pipes. It offers a 360-degree cleaning benefit that requires less passes and gets the job done quicker, all while saving water!


The Aqua-Rocket and Marksman perform exceptionally for MANY applications in the industrial cleaning industry.

The long-distance hero, Marksman, is built for precise distance cleaning and works exceptionally well for manholes and hard-to-reach areas. The Aqua-Rocket is the most versatile cleaning tool that can tackle just about any job and get it done faster than the competition!

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