Our root cutters and sewer nozzles have raised drain and sewer cleaning to new levels. But NozzTeq is first and foremost a problem solver and systems supplier.

Pipe and Channel Cleaning Nozzle

Pipe cleaning is a matter of removal and transportation. Transportation is made through powerful water jets. The relationship between water flow and pressure is very important, but often misunderstood. To flush a line is no big deal, but to clean it – that's a matter of skill. The number of draws a nozzle must make in a pipe to clean it, create wear, damages, costs and unnecessary burden on our common environment. It is easy to understand that 2 draws with a nozzle in a pipe is cheaper than 8.

Turbine & Milling Cutters

For severe blockages of hard material and when other cutters simple can’t cut it, the PAIKERT™ Impact cutters are the natural choice. These cutters are low speed, high torque impact cutters, supplied with motor, creating the impact through the pressurized water, while the rotation is done by the impact movements. The impact cutter can work completely under water, cut harden concrete, stubborn chemical or mineral build-ups or thick heavy root growth.

Hand Nozzle

The Hand Nozzles are made of quality stainless steel with a knurled grip for safety. Three different versions are available:

  1. Hand Nozzle with replaceable jet orifice supplying a round water jet.
  2. Hand Nozzle with replaceable jet orifice supplying an angled water jet.
  3. Hand Nozzle with a firm 7 mm round water jet, suitable for 1” hose connection.

The Hand Nozzles with replaceable jet orifices gives a possibility to regulate pressure and water flow to your needs and to the pump capacity. The jets are made in harden stainless steel or an option of ceramic stainless steel.

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