Minicam Proteus

Future-proof; the Minicam Proteus equipment is a collection of modular components that allow the customer to tailor the most productive and lucrative crawler inspection system to their individual company needs.

Quick Release Wheel Locks
Proteus crawlers feature a unique, patented wheel lock device. Change the crawler wheel type to suit the size and condition of the pipe.
6 Wheel Drive Crawlers
Steerable, high-torque, all-wheel drive
Motorized Elevator
Motorized elevator allowing the user to adjust the height of the camera height from the operator control station.

CRP 140

A sophisticated mid-size crawler and our most popular crawler. It is suitable for pipes ranging in diameter from 5.5" to 24" centered in pipe, and with the optional PCC01 Crawler Cradle, it may be utilized in pipes as large as 42" centered. Also available with ATEX Zone 1 compatibility.

CRP 300

The CRP 300 is designed for larger pipe diameters with high flow rates, this heavy duty crawler makes easy work of inspections in more difficult environments. Up to 87" Pipe Diameter with Elevation Platform.

CPL 150

Medium-sized crawler with a manual elevator. The ideal complement to the Proteus Lite. The Proteus Lite delivers the same professional-grade quality, dependability, and precision as our mainline Proteus crawlers. (Proteus Lite Image next to the CPL 150)


6 Pin Connector

Automatic Elevator

Built in Inclinometer

Built-in Lowering Arm

Quick Change Wheel Lock

Soft Rubber Wheels

Built-in Multi-Frequency Sonde

CRP 90

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