Minicam Proteus Lateral

LAT150 is a mainline to lateral crawler inspection robot designed to provide range, dependability, and utility. The self-propelled lateral launcher inspects lateral pipes starting at 2-1/2 inches and has a deployment length of up to 150 feet.

Lateral Pin
A useful addition to the Pan-tilt and Laser Camera. Simply attach the pin to assist in directional guidance within a lateral pipe.
8 Steerable Wheels
With our signature 6 wheel drive design in mind, we continued to strive for excellence by designing our lateral system with an 8 wheel drive design for even more maneuverability.
Quick Release Wheel Locks
Quick release wheel lock allows the user to quickly change wheel configurations to launch in main lines from 6” to 80” in diameter.

Lateral Reel

A single line 1150' reel, combining 1000' of high strength, Kevlar reinforced inspection cable with 150' of flexible 0.43" diameter push rod for the lateral camera. The LCR350 pays out matching the speed of the Proteus Lateral Crawler. The extendable arm of the guide roller has a 4-position locking system for ease of deployment at the rear of the vehicle.

Mainline Reel

When used in conjunction with the lateral reel, this fully automated reel can power the crawler for 1150 feet (350 meters) down the pipeline. It employs our tried-and-true Kevlar reinforced inspection cable and shares all of the functionality and safety characteristics of the lateral reel. An optional van guide pulley is offered for even smoother, frictionless guidance.


The LAT150 provides a wide range of choices to assist overcome difficult conditions and provide total control over each launch. The system offers a variety of variable yet simple alternatives, including different wheel designs and diameters, deployment tubes, and lateral pins.

Deployment Tubes

The LAT150 may be outfitted with a variety of deployed tubes to allow for precise camera positioning in bigger mainlines. The pivot's unique design allows for rapid, uncomplicated, and tool-free connection of deployment tubes of any size.


8x wheel drive

Observation and reversing cameras

Easily traverse awkward obstacles in pipes as small as 6”

Self-propelled lateral camera unit inspects lateral pipes as small as 2 1⁄2”

Over 165’ of push rod

Pan and Tilt camera functionality with laser measurement

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