Red Dawg

We offer a variety of sewer jetting nozzles, alongside hydro excavation equipment and other sewer tools to help your team achieve maximum efficiency in the field. Check out our online store or contact your Red Dawg dealer to find out more information.

Specialty Nozzles

Some nozzle are multi-purpose and other nozzles have a narrow application field and only do make sense under special circumstances.

Production Cleaning Nozzles

Nozzles that are best for powerful cleaning cleaning nozzles that ensures to be around for many years in the crew.

Stoppage and Drain Cleaning Nozzles

Stoppage and Drain Cleaning Nozzles perform the tough job of dislodging blockages in a drain or sewer pipe.

Stormwater & Drainage Nozzles

Texas-made nozzles for maintaining your stormwater culverts. Tools designed for cleaning your round or box-type culverts with ease.

Product Gallery