ZipCam 360

ZIPCAM 360, brought to you by GapVax, provides a comprehensive sewer cleaning and inspection solution. This innovative sewer line inspection equipment decreases expenses and streamlines the time and labor involved, surpassing conventional methods. Get the most out of your budget, ensure consistent quality, and analyze your data whenever it suits you.

Make the most of each time you open a sewer manhole.

- The redesigned workflow from ZIPCAM 360 helps you make the most of the time of your teams in the field

- 360-degree video recording: Captures 99% of defects

- Easy to use by operators, regardless of their level of experience

ZipCam 360 Offers

Offering high video quality 4K@60FPS, versatile arm that can come in handy when in tight spaces, a cleaning nozzle for in-depth clean.


Video Quality

3K @ 60FPS

Inspects Pipes

From 8 to 48 inches in diameter

Build with Anodized Aluminum

Resistant and easy-to-clean


2000 Lumens

Battery Autonomy

1 work day



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